Wine, Women and Hormones

Please join us at West Indies Wine Company as Bonnie Lambert talks about:

  1.  The beginning to the end – birth, puberty, menopause and your hormones.

  2.  Effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy and your hormones.  How to approach this naturally.

  3. Can we drink wine?

  4. Other services at Align.

 The all mighty EGG!  As women, we are born with over 1 million eggs in our ovaries.  By the time we reach puberty, we have 700,000 left and each month we lose 1000 until we reach menopause. The declining eggs determine the amount of estrogen available to our bodies.  Learn about estrogen dominance, low progesterone and other fun and interesting hormonal  facts.

Wine, Women and Hormones is all about hormones – how do they work, what happens when they begin to decline, where do the hormones come from in our bodies, how to manage them naturally though diet, lifestyle and natural treatments like Acupuncture. 

Finally, what we all want to know -  Is it OK to drink wine??

Please join Dr. Bonnie Lambert, Licensed Acupuncturist with a specialty in Womens Health at the West Indies Wine Co. Wed May 29 at 5:30 – 6:30 to learn more about hormones!  $25.00

Eamon Wilson