Acupuncture and the roots of Stress

Dr. Bonnie Lambert, L.Ac.

We all know stress effects our well being – it shows up as insomnia, anxiety, inability to focus, neck/shoulder pain, digestive upset, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, headaches… any number of ailments can be caused by excess stress. 

Try and imagine one of the quays here in Cayman, the sea flowing gently in and out with the tides, fish, sea grass, vital nutrients are allowed in and out.  Now imagine if several large palm trees (stress) were to fall across and block the quay.   While some water would be allowed through this blocked area, the natural flow would be disturbed and stagnated.  Other debris would pile up against the trees; the sand on the quay floor would build up creating another layer of blockage.  Marine life would be cut off from the sea and plant life would wither form the lack of fresh stimulus from the tides. 
Now apply this metaphor to a life of blockages and stress accumulation.

How can Acupuncture help?

The blocked flow of energy caused by stress can be released with acupuncture; as it allows for the free flow of energy in the body.  All disease is considered blocked energy – emotional pain as well as physical pain.

Anger, worry, fear, sadness – all contribute to the pile of palm trees and backed up debris creating stagnation downstream.    Long standing physical pain pushes against the fallen trees, creating eddys and stagnant pools (inflammation).  Left long enough, any pain will deteriorate the internal organ function (liver, spleen) and begin to make permanent changes in the quay’s  ecosystem. 

Work place stress

Stress is not always caused by emotions.  It can be environmental; toxic co-workers, unclean work spaces, noise, prolonged sitting, long hours, physical labour and heat exhaustion. 


Begin by creating a solid foundation for managing stress -  healthy food choices, sufficient hydration, regular exercise, restorative exercise (yoga, Pilates), a normal sleep routine, holistic care with acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy, mindful living, daily connection with loved ones and sharing in the community. 

If stress is impairing your ability to function and disturbing your well being, seek  help at Align. Together we can remove the blockages, one palm tree at a time until peaceful flow and balance are restored.    

Align’s Acupuncturist and Doctor of Eastern Medicine, Dr Bonnie Lambert changed her own life through acupuncture and Eastern Medicine, as a result she now works for the holistic improvement of all our patients and clients.

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Eamon Wilson