Pregnancy and Massage

 If there was ever a time that a woman needed a massage, it’s during pregnancy

Because somewhere in between the miracle of growing another human; is a whole lot of nausea, constipation, aches and pains, the constant urge to pee and ankles that somehow turn into kankles.

One way to ease those sore spots, is to treat yourself to a prenatal massage.

It is – and it has some amazing benefits – from relieving pain to lowering stress levels AND providing emotional support.

Prenatal massage helps to:

  1. Improves your mood

  2. Relieves muscle aches, joint pains, tension and headaches

  3. Reduces swelling in legs and ankles

  4. Provides emotional support through nurturing touch

  5. Relieves stress and anxiety

  6. Improves circulation and mobility

  7. Better sleep

Contact Align’s Wellness studio in Camana Bay, we have Mackenzie and Philippe, our massage therapists ready to help turn your pregnancy into a comfortable one.

Eamon Wilson