The NANO Foot Roller

Pain in the arches or at the heel (Plantar Fasciitis) is a common complaint addressed in therapy in many wellness centres. ALIGN has helped may patients with this issue which is why we are taking a look at this fairly common problem. Plantar Fasciitis is usually caused by inflammation and/or nodules in the plantar fascia (a thick, fibrous band that spans from the heel to the toes).

Possible causes of Plantar Fasciitis are high or low arches, tight calves, improper footwear, and high impact activities.

A standard home treatment prescribed by most physicians or rehabilitation practitioners is "rolling with a frozen water bottle" but you can do one better with the NANO Foot Roller by using Triggerpoint Performance Therapy. - The ridges of the NANO can mobilize the plantar fascia and you can also pop it in the freezer to cool it down added pain relief.

The NANO has been designed to increase flexibility and relieve minor muscular aches and pains associated with not only the foot, but also the forearm which seems to suffer quite a lot in keyboard work as well as repetitive tasks such as painting and working with tools.

Available in two densities, regular and the extra-firm NANO™ X for intense relief. You can find both products at ALIGN.

Nano Footroller
Eamon Wilson