Why choose Registered Massage Therapy over Non-Registered Massage Therapy.

Have you ever wondered what the RMT stands for when you booking a massage with a therapist? Have you ever wondered why your physician refers you to an RMT or Clinical Therapist?

A Registered Massage Technician offers you these benefits, experience and skills above that of a Spa Masseuse.

·         An RMT will focus on functional outcomes where results are measurable

·         Scientific; problem-solving based experience

·         Knowledge of pathologies and contraindications

·         Trained to treat acute injuries

·         Chronic pain syndromes

·         Repetitive strain injuries

·         Neurological disorders

·         Autoimmune disorders

·         Can conduct remedial exercise

·         Orthopedic testing to determine tissues involved in client’s complaint

·         Create a treatment plan specific to meet our each client’s needs

·         RMTs are licensed and regulated by provincial government health standards

·         Most extended health policies provide coverage for registered massage therapy

·         Primary and/or secondary therapy for numerous conditions – including but not limited to headaches, arthritis, muscular pain/spasms, back pain, tendinopathy (repetitive strain), sports injury etc.


·         RMTs must undergo 2400+ hours of training in an accredited school

·         They must pass a set of provincial exams, mandated by the College of Massage Therapists

·         RMT’s must keep up with continued education/post-graduate training in order to remain in good standing with the governing body. Some examples of these advanced training courses include Advanced Joint Mobilizations, Cupping as a Soft Tissue Tool, Athletic Taping, Reflexology, Rehabilitative Movement Therapy for Lower Limb and Shoulder Conditions, Advanced Techniques for Chronic Pelvic Pain, Fascial Assessment and Treatment of Neck and Thorax, Massage Therapy and Trauma, Lumbar and Pelvic Fascial Release – These are only just a few!


Spa Masseuse / Wellness Massage

·         Relaxation based massage

·         Intuitive; nurturing

·         Training in the range of 300-1000 hours – certification course

·         No provincial examinations

·         Continued education not required

·         Prohibited by law from calling the service they offer massage ‘therapy’, or from calling themselves a massage ‘therapist’

·         More recreational

·         Not covered by extended health care policies

Align’s Wellness Studio in Camana Bay has two Registered Massage Technicians on staff, so we can work closely with physicians to heal clinical conditions with extensive experience and knowledge of the human body.

Email info@align.ky to make an appointment. Call 640 5050 or whatsapp 923 5050.

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