It's a Cruel Summer

By: Kristina Maxwell

It's finally summer! Most locals typically use this time to attempt to jump start their health and fitness goals because of the increased sunshine, summer sports leagues beginning, and last but not least, the kids are usually monopolized in their various summer activities. However, a lot of well meaning plans get thwarted due to an increase in stomach flu during the summer months. Exercising and eating well aren't usually a priority when dealing with nausea, digestive upset, and irritable bowels.


The resultant physiological effects of an out of balance stomach (blood sugar imbalance, low energy, etc) can also lead to decreased mental wellbeing. As citizens of the earth, we rely on our digestive system for not only physical but also emotional support. When digestion is regular, energy levels stay high and your emotional state is calm and comfortable. 


This summer make your stomach a priority by:


◦                     Eating the rainbow.

▪                     Hit up the local farmers market and stock up on seasonal, locally sourced produce. Pick up a variety of fruits and veggies and plan your meals for the week based on what's available. Try giving up meat for a day or if you're feeling ambitious, try it for a week. Your stomach will thank you.


◦                     Staying hydrated.

▪                     Hydration is always important but it's even more important during hot summer months because we tend to sweat more due to increased ambient temperature. Replacing lost fluids is critical to prevent dehydration. Try drinking 8 ounces of water first thing in the morning and then try to sip throughout the day. Also, remember that pre-exercise hydration is just as important as post-exercise hydration, especially if you plan to work-out outside.


◦                     Connecting to nature.

▪                     This may seem odd because it doesn't appear to directly relate to the stomach. However, the all systems in the body are interconnected so emotions such as worry and anxiety can indirectly affect your stomach and the rest of the digestive system. Summer is a great time to take an evening walk since the sun sets later. While you walk, listen to the birds singing, the wind blowing, and take note of the feeling of the ground beneath your feet. Connect to nature and allow that feeling to flow through you.


To find out more about how to achieve your rehabilitation goals, contact a health care professional at Align Wellness Studio.

Eamon Wilson