Massage and Sports

Sports massage therapy is the application of specific massage techniques to an athlete or active person with the intended purpose of enhancing preparation for or recovery from the physical demands of training or competition. When correctly applied in the appropriate phase, sports massage can increase performance, decrease the potential for injury, help with mental preparation, reduce stress/anxiety, and improve flexibility.

Each application phase has specific timing, duration, benefits, expected outcomes and techniques. Skilful and appropriate application can mean the difference between qualifying or not, winning/losing or setting a personal best.

Phases of application:

  • Pre-event

    • A registered massage therapist (RMT) can help get you ready for your event. Massage applied close to the start of a competition can help reduce the potential for injury and enhance psychological readiness.

  • Inter-event

    • An RMT can help you prepare for your next event by performing a sports massage (eg. on the sidelines between games).

  • Post – event

    • An RMT can help you relax and recover/cool down after competition.

  • Training/restorative

    • An RMT can help you train harder and reach a higher level. If sports massage is integrated into your training schedule it can aid in tissue flexibility, muscle relaxation, decrease cramps and spasms, relieve trigger points, and increase range of motion.

To find out more about sports massage, make an appointment with Mackenzie Epps, RMT at Align Wellness Studio.

Eamon Wilson