Food Sensitivity Testing

What is food sensitivity?

We typically think of big dramatic reactions when our bodies don’t agree with the food we eat—like an angry bout of hives, EpiPens and anaphylactic shock. Food sensitivities are different. Unlike food allergies, these reactions can be delayed and are rarely life-threatening. But what many people don’t know is that food sensitivities are growing in prevalence and can affect our health and our moods. What’s more, food sensitivities are largely undiagnosed and seem to be on the rise. While they are clearly less scary than a full-blown food allergy, these mysterious and highly individualistic conditions can still make us sick. Luckily, with growing awareness and testing capabilities, it’s easier than ever to get to the bottom of what is ailing you and do something about it.

Bloating, skin issues, unusual fatigue, headache, heart burn, bowel issues or abdominal pain are potential symptoms of a food sensitivity. Wheat, Gluten, Sugar, Dairy, Nuts, Soy are among the top offenders for causing these issues. 

Kinesiology/muscle testing by our Acupuncturist and Doctor of Eastern Medicine, Dr. Bonnie Lambert, will provide you with the answers!

Walk ins welcome for a 20 Minute Digestive Evaluation and Testing. Or contact Align to make an appointment.

Bonnie Lambert, L.Ac. Doctor of Acupuncture has been practicing Kinesiology and Food Sensitivity Testing since 1996.

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