New Year's Resolutions for the Wellness Conscious

The beginning of every year is characterized by new year's resolutions. Some failed resolutions from the previous year are recycled in the hope that a new year will truly produce a new you. How about this year you make a resolution you might actually keep and that your body will thank you for?

•                     Cut your stress levels.

While mild stress typically doesn't have long term effects on the body, chronic stress can cause or worsen conditions such as insomnia, depression, obesity and heart disease. So how can you successfully reduce stress? Start small by getting more sleep, exercising, and spending time with family and friends.


•                     Get more sleep.

Not only does getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night have positive benefits in regard to mood and physical appearance, it can also strengthen consolidation of memories. On the other hand, lack of sleep has been shown to be related to increased risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Start by implementing a "winding down" routine every night. This will lead to more quality sleep.


•                     Pack lunch/eat at home more often.

Both of these resolutions have the potential to cut calories and sodium. You'll have a better sense of what you are eating and improve your mood and energy at the same time. Your wallet might also thank you!


•                     Cut your alcohol intake.

Moderate alcohol consumption, especially red wine, can have positive health benefits, excessive drinking can increase the risk of liver and heart disease, hypertension, stroke, cancer and mental health issues. So how does one cut their alcohol intake in small controlled increments? Try drinking only on social occasions as a start.

•                     Set a fitness goal unrelated to weight loss.

What?! You heard me right. Instead of focusing on trying to lose weight, set a goal to increase your running distance or attend 2 group exercise classes per week. As your achieve your goals, reward yourself and try to stay on track. You may even be pleasantly surprised by some weight loss.


To find out more about how to achieve your rehabilitation goals, contact a health care professional at Align Wellness Studio.

Eamon Wilson