The average person knows that a strong core is essential to functional movement and health/wellness. But did you know that the pelvic floor is a main component of the core?

There is an entire sub-speciality in rehabilitation of the pelvic floor in women’s health for this exact reason. Men’s health is usually focused less on this kind of rehabilitation because the female pelvic floor typically goes through more regular trauma than the male pelvic floor. However, male pelvic health is just as important and vital to general well-being. Dysfunction of the male pelvic floor can cause urinary urgency, groin pain and constipation, among other things.

Here are a few tips on how to be kind to the male pelvic floor just in time for Father’s Day:

Do kegel exercises.These exercises are not just for women. A strong pelvic floor helps to support pelvic organs, assists in controlling the bowels and bladder, and can even increase sexual satisfaction.
Brace before activities that cause downward forces on the pelvic floor. These activities include bodily functions such as sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose and also external movements such as pulling, pushing and lifting. To brace, gently pull your lower abdominals in (belly button to spine) and gently tighten the muscles around your anus (think lift).

Eat a balanced diet. This recommendation is twofold because it can help maintain a healthy weight and decrease constipation.

Practice good toilet habits. This means no straining. Make a fist and gently blow into it when going to the bathroom. The force required to empty the bladder or bowels, ideally, should be no more than this.

Eamon Wilson