Align is based in a beautiful state of the art, technology enhanced facility located in the heart of Grand Cayman’s town centre Camana Bay.  With spacious, private treatment rooms and a large rehab space, the studio truly is a place to unwind.

Align takes a multi-disciplinary approach to our patients’ healthcare. The overall focus on mind, body and spiritual wellness is a unique approach within the Cayman Islands and one that has guided us to becoming the primary health and wellness practice in the region.  Clients experience an environment that is welcoming, safe and beautiful. It is a fusion of physical treatment by professional therapists, rehabilitation of mind and body through strength and conditioning practices and establishment of long term wellness through preventative exercise.

Our purpose is to provide personalized treatment programmes that actually resolve our clients’ conditions while enriching their lifestyles for the betterment of their overall health and well being. Our goal is simple: to help our patients change their lifestyles for the better, within a safe and caring environment.