Ryan Parker


Dr. Ryan Parker is proud to be serving the residents and visitors of Grand Cayman. As a
Chiropractor and leader in the field of spinal health and overall wellness he embodies the
philosophy of move well, eat well, and think well; embracing optimal health to maximize an
individual’s potential.

As an evidence-based practitioner, Dr. Parker provides personalized treatment plans based on
the needs of the individual. By integrating a mix of specific Chiropractic techniques including
manual, drop table, and instrument assisted adjusting he treats acute and chronic conditions for
patients of all ages. Addressing ergonomics, posture, and nutrition as well as incorporating
physiotherapy as needed encourages a complete functional healing. Using Chiropractic Sports
Medicine he aims to enhance overall capabilities and achieve peak performance in athletes while
reducing injury healing time and preventing new ones.

Dr. Parker was born and raised in Michigan. After attending college at Michigan State University,he went on to receive his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Georgia. His previous experience includes practicing in metro Atlanta, New York City, Vietnam, and China.Other career experience includes teaching courses in Anatomy and Physiology as a college instructor. Outside of the studio he enjoys an active and outdoor lifestyle. As a lifelong athlete, Ryan enjoys all of the ocean sports that Grand Cayman has to offer, as well as running, cycling, golfing and fishing. He also enjoys traveling, coffee, all things nature, and spending time with his family and friends.