Pre Natal Pilates

Pre Natal Pilates classes focus on breathing, stretching and strengthening of muscles of the pelvic floor, deep core, legs, back, shoulders and arms. This will help to create energy and resilience within the body during pregnancy.

Pre Natal Pilates modifies principles of regular Pilates to allow the exercises to be performed safely for both mum and baby. The repertoire of exercises used in the class are tailored specifically to pregnancy.

Benefits of Pre Natal Pilates:

  • Pelvic floor strengthening

  • Deep core strengthening of tummy muscles

  • Improved all over body strength

  • Reduce low back and pelvic girdle pain

  • Improved postural awareness

  • Deep breathing and relaxation

  • Pilates exercises tailored to pregnancy

  • Faster recovery after birth

A pregnant client MUST receive clearance from her doctor/gynaecologist before joining Pre Natal Pilates