What is MoveWELL?

MoveWELL is the foundation for true mobility, or balanced flexibility and strength, which allows for functional movement and optimal performance in everything you do.

The program operates in 6-week cycles with class sizes limited to 8 participants ensuring personal attention and detailed instruction.

MoveWELL Method

MoveWELL Method heals and prevents pain and dysfunction in the body while transforming posture and cultivating effective functional movement.

The 6-week program consists of:

  • An Initial Assessment and Therapeutic Consultation
  • Targeted Sessions involving myofascial release + deep stretching + specific muscle activations
  • Periodic Assessments to measure progress and results

New and Existing Clients

For existing Align patients it enhances your plan by expanding your therapeutic recovery. For new clients it provides a path to awareness of myofascial function, preventing injuries and increasing performance.

Initial Assessment

An Initial Posture Screening and Therapist Consultation will guide you to the best class types for you. The 6-week package gives you unlimited access to tailored sessions specific to your physical needs.

After each 6-week cycle, a reassessment will show your progress and indicate where to focus for continued improvement.

Class Types

There are 3 main class types:

  • UPPER, focusing on head, shoulders, cervical and thoracic spine;
  • MID, focusing on lumbar spine, pelvis, femur alignments; and
  • LOWER, concentrating on knees to feet, including quadriceps and hamstrings.

Each class follows our three step process:

  1. Releasing deep muscle restriction through myofascial movement and release
  2. Stretching concentrically loaded muscles and fascial tracks after the initial release
  3. Activating and toning eccentrically loaded muscle/fascial lines after release work to regain proper action alignment


Heidi & Ashley

Heidi & Ash joined the Align Team as part of our preventative care offering to our Clients and quickly established the MoveWELL program. 

Heidi is an RYT 200 hour yoga instructor and subtle energy therapist by training and has spent the last 5 years teaching awareness and alignment from this yogic Foundation. She has studied Ayurveda for over 4 years and has spent the last year integrating the concepts of Thomas Myers and his work Anatomy Trains into her own life and teaching methods with powerful therapeutic results for repatterning the body and refining the mind-myofascial connection.

Ashley is an RYT 200 hour Yoga Instructor with over 5 years teaching experience. She has been studying the human body from a scientific angle for almost 9 years, beginning at Northwestern University. Over the last 15 months, she has focused her yoga teaching and practice on myofascial release and postural therapy, and has been particularly influenced by Thomas Myers’s integrative approach. She will begin studying Chiropractic Medicine in October 2018.


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