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Heidi Van Batenburg

Wellness Coordinator

Heidi is a wellness coordinator at Align where she enjoys working with our professional therapists across all disciplines of healing.

Heidi’s wellness journey really began to take shape when she was in University. Although she majored in Mathematics, she felt very drawn to Eastern philosophies and languages, and began to explore yoga and meditation to help her manage stress and feel healthier.  A few years of very consistent yoga practice led to a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2013, at which point she realized that the world of yoga, awareness and wellness is incredibly rich and offers many pathways to balanced living.

She turned to Ayurveda to deepen her understanding of Yoga and apply the principles she was learning on the mat to her everyday life. She has since studied and begun practicing various Ayurvedic and Energetic Healing Therapies, including Reiki, Marma Therapy and Pranic Healing. She also works with Plant and Shamanic Medicines and Practices, all powerful sources of cleansing and healing. More recently, she is focusing on the power of myofascial release and specific strength training for proper physical alignment, and pain-free daily life.

From here, her plan is to layer on more therapeutic training to address imbalances and facilitate harmonizing the elements of the body with the environment. Heidi strongly believes that cultivating supportive lifestyle patterns is the best preventative and curative medicine. These patterns must include optimal nutrition, body-care through exercise and therapies, and work-life balance/stress management, as well as mindfulness/meditation for mental and spiritual health. The promise when we commit to these patterns is easeful living every day.  

It is Heidi’s personal experience that working with experienced and intuitive therapists facilitates transforming the body on every level efficiently and effectively, shifting from a state of dis-ease into harmony and alignment. This is her passion and commitment: to help guide and support people on their journey to vitality.