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Ashley Van Batenburg

Wellness Coordinator

Ashley is a wellness coordinator at Align. She plans to pursue her doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine later in 2018 and brings a wealth of energy and enthusiasm for healing and wellness to her position at the Studio.

Her fascination with the human body began at the age of 12, when her family doctor performed a simple tapping technique that revealed hidden physical and mental changes taking place within her body, without a single scan or needle. This practice was Body Talk, an Australian holistic balancing technique, which inspired Ashley's pursuit of Eastern and Western Medicine.  She has investigated wellness from multiple angles, starting with Western Sciences at Northwestern University in Chicago, and transitioning towards Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since graduating in 2012, Ashley has investigated Body Talk, Reiki, plant-based nutrition, postural rehabilitation and myofascial release, and uses a combination of these techniques in her yoga classes and with individual clients to help re-establish balance. Each of these avenues has confirmed her understanding that our bodies have all the tools needed to transform and heal from within. Stressors in our modern lifestyles generate physical, mental, and emotional challenges that can seem insurmountable, but our bodies are incredibly dynamic and responsive. By working with the intuitive, knowledgeable practitioners at Align, Ashley is confident that we can address our individual issues and work towards regaining balance. On a personal level, all it takes is awareness, and the desire to make a change. True healing comes from the core of our beings.