The Pilates Method

Pilates is a form of exercise that conditions and tones muscles all over the body- particularly our core, which includes our gluteal and deep postural muscles. Pilates will develop strength, flexibility, control of movement and body awareness in a safe and efficient way.

Pilates provides a base of strength which helps us to prevent injury through overload of a given joint/muscle. Our joints and muscles can become deconditioned over time especially if we are not moving/loading our body regularly. This can leave us open to injury and more prone to aches and pains. Pilates leaves us feeling stronger and more supported in everyday tasks, allowing movement to be carried out with less effort and creating energy in all other aspects of our lives.

Physiotherapist Led Classes

Being physio-led, there will be lots of correction for safe execution of exercise to reduce the possibility of injury and foster an environment where you will feel confident in challenging yourself. See our ‘Pilates with a Physiotherapist’ blog for more information on this.

 What to expect: 

  • Lots of correction for optimal technique and form 

  • Safe classes for those with injury/existing musculoskeletal disorders 

  • Mat based classes with use of props including light weights, resistance bands and exercise balls 

  • Challenging classes for all levels

STOTT repertoire, mat based classes

Carol is a STOTT trained instructor and utilizes the STOTT repertoire in her classes together with exercises she finds beneficial clinically working as a Physiotherapist. Although mainly mat based, Carol will also include elements of yoga and standing balance exercises to her classes.

Small Class size

Our classes are limited to a maximum 8 participants to ensure individual attention and correction.

Which class is for me? 


Suitable for those of you who are new to Pilates, managing acute or chronic injury, want a slower paced class with lots of guidance, cueing and correction. This class will build a solid base of strength and understanding of the basics before progressing to more advanced classes. 


At this level it is expected that the basic principles of Pilates are understood and incorporated within your practice. This is faster paced class with higher repetition of exercise and fewer breaks with the aim of creating a flow through given exercises. This class will suit those of you with previous Pilates experience, who want to progress to learning the more advanced repertoire of Pilates exercises. 


Will incorporate the full repertoire of STOTT exercises with a focus on flow between exercises for a high intensity workout. This class will develop power and endurance of the core muscles.

New and existing clients 

Pilates is a wonderful way to compliment any other form of exercise, prevent injury and aid in rehabilitation. For those with current injuries, physio-led pilates classes are a safe way to regain function and strength under the guidance of your Physio-Pilates teacher who will tailor exercises to your needs. 


Carol O’Brien

BSc Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor

Carol is a clinical Pilates instructor and has completed training from two different schools of Pilates (STOTT and PTTI). She has extensive experience teaching Pilates to clients with pre existing injuries and facilitates this in her classes, ensuring a safe environment in which clients feel confident in challenging their abilities to achieve a good workout. Carol has taught from beginner to advanced level Pilates and pre-natal Pilates classes. Carol takes a progressive approach to her classes, integrating what has been practiced each week to work up to a challenging repertoire of exercise.

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